Soil Coring Kit


Soil sampling for the determination of the presence of very volatile components such as benzene, toluene, xylene and  chlorinated hydrocarbons should be executed with samplers that prevent the sample from being exposed to air. Preferably the sampling must be done without disturbance of the soil aggregates to prevent mixing with air.

These  conditions must be maintained during transport to the laboratory.

With the special coring kit, volatilization and oxidation of components in soil samples can be prevented as much as possible. The sample under no condition comes  in touch with synthetic material. The method meets the NEN 5743 norm (soil or sediment sampling with volatile components).

The sample has a volume of 226 ml. The set therefore also is suitable for the determination of volume percentages of  humidity in samples from undisturbed soil.

The samples are taken with a small coring apparatus fitted with thin-walled   stainless steel sample tubes. The sampling tubes preferably are pushed into the soil; possibly a steel hammer with nylon heads can be used.

After taking the sample, the sample tubes can be locked and cooled for transport to the laboratory. Here sub-samples can be taken from the sample tube, applying a small gauge or apple-corer. The samples can also be removed using an extruder. After decontamination the equipment can be used again.

Benefits soil coring kit for chemical soil research

  • Prevents loss of volatiles during sampling
  • Prevents loss of volatiles during transport
  • According to USA EPA 5035A
  • No hassle in the field with methanol
  • Can be combined with methanol method
  • Can be hammered in hard soils
  • All parts except caps can be decontaminated over and over


  • Environmental soil research
  • Soil sampling above groundwater table
  • Soil sampling below groundwater table
  • Undisturbed sampling