Suspended Load Sampler


The Delft bottle sampler is used to measure suspended sediment transport in rivers and other water courses, from the surface down to 0.1 m above the river bottom. The sediment containing water flows through a bottle shaped sampler. The shape of this sampling body induces a low pressure at the rear face in such a way, that the water enters the nozzle of the sampler with almost the same velocity as the undisturbed flow.

The sharp decrease of the velocity in the wide sampling chamber causes the sediment material to settle there. Because of the flow-through principle a large volume of water is sampled, standard set for sampling particles larger than 50 μm (0.05 mm). Applicable in velocities till 2.5 m/s.


Maximum sample depth

> 10 m

Product material

iron, other material

Rod or cable operated


Sample stored in


Sample volume

100 ml

Package size

120 x 94 x 50 cm


93 kg