S5 SOLARIS CCD Plus (S5 SCP) is an advanced CCD based optical emission spectrometer for Metal Analysis. S5 SCP offers the perfect solution for Metal Analysis: reliability and accuracy in results, superior analytical performance, ease of use and attractive price.

S5 SCP represent the ideal solution to be used in any working place (Office, Laboratory, Stock, Production), thanks to the reduced dimensions and to the quality of components.

The S5 SCP system fully suitable not only for general purpose applications but also for specific demands. It is the perfect unit to perform multi-matrix analysis on both Ferrous and Not Ferrous Alloys. 


  • Iron and Steel and its alloys 
  • Copper and its alloys
  • Nickel and its alloys 
  • Aluminum and its alloys 
  • Cobalt and its alloys 
  • Magnesium and its alloys
  • Lead and its alloys 
  • Tin and its alloys
  • Titanium and its alloys
  • Zinc and its alloys 

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