The Europe 600 is a bench top general purpose diffractometer for XRD qualitative and quantitative analysis of polycrystalline materials. It is available in two different version, with Theta/2Theta goniometer and with the new Theta/Theta goniometer manufactured by GNR. 

Its compact size and robust design enables installation and operations in a small space and low cost of ownership and maintenance. 

Thanks to the wide offer of configurations and accessories, such as high speed 1D detector, scintillation counter, secondary monochromator, spinner and multiple sample holder, Europe 600 is the perfect instrument for fast-paced routine industrial quality assurance analysis and for teaching XRD at academic level. 

Europe operating at 600 watts enables faster analysis and outstanding overall results.  

  • Ultra Compact 
  • Theta/2Theta and Theta/Theta outstanding goniometer 
  • Fail Safe Radiation Enclosure 
  • Fast 1 D Detector available 
  • Incident Beam Variable Slit 
  • Simple installation and ease of use 


Qualitative and quantitative phase analysis, non-ambient analysis, retained austenite quantification, structure solution and refinement, crystallite size and crystallinity calculations. 

  • Geology and Mineralogy / Clays
  • Glass / Ceramics / Cement 
  • Chemicals / Petrochemicals 
  • Catalyst / Polymers
  • Forensics
  • Agricultural Sciences 
  • Biosciences / Environmental
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Cosmetics 
  • Art and Archeology 


The SAX and MATCH! Software package allows;

Single peak analysis; peak treatment. Background subtraction, smoothing, deconvolution and peak localization. Structural Analysis, Crystallite Size, Lattice Strain, Reflectometry, Quantitative Analysis, Rietveld refinement, Display and compare multiple diffraction partners, Directly view specific phases/entries, instant usage of additional information, saving of selection criteria, Comfortable definition of background, Improved zooming facilities, Batch processing and Automatics

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