pF Set , Ceramic Plates


Water retention curve is the relationship between the water content, θ, and the soil water potential, ψ. This curve is characteristic for different types of soil, and is also called the soil moisture characteristic, Sandy soils will involve mainly capillary binding, and will therefore release most of the water at higher potentials, while clayey soils, with adhesive and osmotic binding, will release water at lower (more negative) potentials, for obtaining water retention curves, and solution extraction, a 5 Bar and 15 Bar pressure plate extractors are used. Air Distribution & System Manifold ,Compressor or compressed air are available for a complete Lab Set-Up


Maximum number of samples


Measuring range

1.8 - 4.2 pF

Power supply

line voltage

Reading accuracy

< 4 bar 0.02 bar

Sample specification


Package size

120 x 80 x 135 cm


230 volt


Soil physical laboratory research

pF determination in the lab

Irrigation research