The PmX-5050 is a fully stand-alone device for continuous analysis of particulate matter (PM) elemental composition, intended for online elemental analysis of heavy metals in the ambient air.  Particulate matter’s presence in the air and its overall accumulation in the environment are the subjects of growing public concern, especially in the manufacturing facilities, plants, and factories surrounding areas. It is vital to measure and assess the PM concentration in the air to prevent any possible harm to natural resources, people residing in such areas and overall environmental deterioration of the region.


  • Continuous analysis of PM 2.5 or PM 10 elemental concentration
  • Full compliance with the US EPA IO-3.3 standard
  • Up to 3 months of stand-alone continuous operation
  • Automatic correction of ambient temperature, humidity and pressure influence
  • Heated sampling stage for condensing prevention
  • Simple calibration procedure and tape replacement
  • Intuitive software interface


  • Environmental and Health Regulatory Authorities.
  • Universities, Environmental studies of fine dust

Previous solutions for PM monitoring were able to measure only overall PM presence and concentration, while full understanding of the PM impact on the human health and environment can only be reached based on elemental analysis

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