Renewable Energy

Renewable energy technologies are clean sources of energy that have a much lower environmental impact than conventional energy technologies.

Wind Turbines Control

ELS, Provides the ideal sensors for wind turbines control, it has both a high degree of precision and a long, maintenance-free useful life under the most extreme of conditions. While mechanical anemometers were initially used in turbines, ultrasonic wind sensors with open protocols / interfaces, which allows an easy exchange of old mechanical wind sensors through state-of-the-art ultrasonic anemometers . The digital or analog output delivers instantaneous, average, min or max value with flexible measuring rate.

Solar Irradiance Monitoring for PV Plants

ELS, Provides solutions for the most important measurement parameters which is irradiation, Soiling and panel temperature. Since PV systems are becoming ever larger, the accuracy of the irradiation measurement is increasingly important for the efficiency of the system. Wind cools the temperature of the module and must therefore be included in the efficiency calculation. Precipitation leads to contamination or covering (Dust/snow). With increasing temperature, the performance of the solar module decreases. Therefore, it is important to measure the temperature of the solar module in addition to the air temperature.

Energy generated is often significantly decreased by panel soiling. So it becomes crucial to monitor soiling for optimizing the panel cleaning scheduling.

ELS, provides solar radiation measuring instruments for activities such as research and development, production quality control, determination of optimum locations, monitoring the efficiency of installed systems and predicting the system output under various sky conditions. We offer the widest range of products; from reliable entry-level sensors to the highest accuracy available.