ELS, provides the research and Academia , R & D and QC in many industries with a high tech analytical solutions and tools to cover their analytical needs.
Using the analytical techniques XRD, XRR, SAXS, XRF, TXRF,  are powerful tools of critical materials parameters of epitaxial layers, heterostructures and superlattice systems in Thin Film analysis and Nanotechnology research.
To ensure high quality production process, chemical and mineralogical tests are of great importance in building material production process.
In Soil chemical and physical research studies, The knowledge of soil saturated flow and its movement in soil is important for planning irrigation runoff and drainage limits or any other agricultural, environmental and hydrological research studies.
ELS, Provides the soil research with a dedicated tools and equipment from soil sampling, Field instruments to laboratory equipment for, Soil moisture, PF Curve determination using the Pressure plate extractors, Hydraulic conductivity, Calcimeter, Penetrometers, Tensiometers, Aggregate stability tests., Double ring infiltorometers, Smart Lysimeters, Evapotranspiration calculations and Agro-Meteorological stations and more.