Water Quality & ŁŽQuantity

Water quality testing is an important part of environmental monitoring. When water quality is poor, it affects not only aquatic life but the surrounding ecosystem as well.

The parameters that affect the quality of water in the environment can be physical, chemical or biological factors. Physical properties of water quality include temperature and turbidity. Chemical characteristics involve parameters such as pH, conductivity and dissolved oxygen. Biological indicators of water quality include algae and phytoplankton. These parameters are relevant not only to surface water studies of the ocean, sea, lakes and rivers, but to groundwater and industrial processes as well.

ELS, provides dedicated smart solutions to governmental regulatory authorities, municipalities, and environmental researchers to monitor, Assess and control

water quality and quantity.

Typical solutions include:

  • Wastewater treatment plants (influent, effluent, process control), online water quality monitoring and portable meters.
  • Water reclamation, reuse and irrigation
  • Surface water quantity and quality monitoring, discharge and Level measurements
  • Aquaculture and fish farming, water quality monitoring and portable meters.
  • Flood warning, Telemetric systems
  • Drinking water (source monitoring, process control, early warning of contaminations)
  • Ground water management, Quality and Quantity.